On Saturday, October 6th, 2007, I came with the acolytes of St. David’s Episcopal Church to be a part of the excitement at the National Acolyte Festival. I met many wonderful fellow vergers and acolyte “guilds” during this festival. It was a wonderful “church educational” experience for the acolytes who came with me who also met these fellow vergers and acolytes.

Then I saw something familiar. It was the Acolyte Guild’s Banner from St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Hallandale, Florida. With God’s blessings I went over to visit this guild. There I met, for the first time in person, Maceo Brown (a life member to the Order of St. Vincent), who is their acolyte master and the wonderful acolytes (and their parents) from St. Anne’s. It was a blessing meeting Maceo and his friends. I will make it my goal to visit St. Anne’s when I visit Florida. I was blessed again being asked to be a part of their group picture. Finally, it was a blessing meeting with other members to the Order of St. Vincent.

The preceding article was submitted by Francis L. Jacobs