The acolytes of St. Anne were glad to be participating in the 28th Annual Acolyte Festival. After all, we are veterans of this annual event, attending for the fifth consecutive year. Our preparation began in February of 2007 with fund raisers, coordination with the travel agent and requests to visit the White House. Saturday, Oct. 6, our day began at 7 a.m. We ate breakfast and headed up to the Washington National Cathedral to reserve excellent seating for the festival.

When the service started, it was a spectacular sight as a sea of acolytes from all over the United States processed with crosses, banners and streamers past Bishop [John] Crane. Processing from our Diocese were acolytes from St. Agnes, Miami and Holy Family, Miami Gardens. When it was our turn to process, we gathered our stuff and did what we do best – serve the Lord.

Once each acolyte reached Bishop Crane at the altar we would bow then continue to process.However, when the torch bearers and cross bearers reached Bishop Crane, they would bow and then shift into a new position. Everyone was truly impressed. In fact, Bishop Crane’s wife was captured in our video stating, “AMAZING!”  Once again, I am certain that St. Anne’s made the Dioceses of Southeast Florida proud as we processed with grace and perfect coordination.

Still, we were not done. During the service St. Anne’s was recognized as having the youngest acolyte—three-year-old Amari Rainford. He took full advantage of the opportunity, waving to the crowd, posing with Bishop Crane and smiling the entire time.

Our acolyte master, Mr. Maceo Brown, was also recognized as one of the longest serving acolytes in the Episcopal Church – 37 years… The acolytes returned echoing these words: 2008 Acolyte Festival – get ready

The preceding article was submitted by Marcus Neeley