On Trinity Sunday, May 18, 2008. Jan Schumann Lector/Chalicists and acolytes of the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul from Charleston, South Carolina were welcome into the Order of St. Vincent. The Chapter’s Warden Philip G. Dixon and Reverend Drew Collins presented the candidates for induction. The service of induction was conducted by the Dean of the Diocese of South Carolina and Chaplain to the Order of St. Vincent, The Very Rev. William N. McKeachie. Philip is also the Director General to the O.S.V. Fr. Drew is a board member to the O.S.V. The Cathedral Chapter presently has 40 active members including Altar Guild members, Clergy, Chalicists, Lectors, Vergers, Ushers, and of course Acolytes. The Cathedral Church St. Luke and St. Paul is the home church for the Order of St. Vincent.

The preceding article was submitted by Philip Dixon